Thursday, December 28, 2006

Chakpak Widgets - FAQ

What is ? is a website for movie buffs. It has comprehensive information on Indian movies. So if you are a bollywood geek, do visit us at

What are Chakpak Widgets ?

Chakpak widgets are nifty snippets which present movie related information. They help your blog look cool and at the same time provide useful pictures/information to your blog readers.

What kind of Widgets are available ?

Currently widgets related to image galleries are available. See the posts on this blog for more details. More widgets are coming soon!! In case if you have a suggestion about more widgets, do email us at - chakpak AT

I liked the sample widgets. How do I include them in my blog ?

Its simple 3 step process -

  1. Visit . Search for the movie. Find the movie-id from the url
  2. Copy paste the HTML script for the widget in your blog.
  3. Replace MOVIE_ID with movie-id found in step 1. Publish your blog.

Thats it.


~Vinayak said...

Hey, I liked this. Have even incorporated one of the Dhoom-2 widgets on my blog. Thanks to U.

What abt the widgets for Kabul Express and Bhagam Bhag?:) said...

Hello vinayak-
Its great to hear that you liked the widgets. See, for the widgets for Kabul Express, Bhagam Bhag.

You would just need to replace the movie-id to generate widgets for new movies. See the FAQ for more details.

Also, we are planning to have a better and dedicated tool for the HTML scriptlet generation. Then you wouldnt have to worry about movie-ids etc.

Also, In case you have ideas or suggestions for more types of widgets which would be useful, Please let us know at chakpak AT or post a comment.

Thanks a lot,
Chakpak Team

Avishek said...

I forgot to tell u... I included ur widget in my blog.
Good work :-)

Anonymous said...

hey,how to put only images of actors in your chakpak about me.please help me with this.coz i saw some people with it.

Bollywood Rocks said...

Hi, I used this widget in the review on my blog. Check it out at and let me know if you want me to further credit you on there. Also, some of your widgets are really nice. I had a suggestion/request. Would you mind making widgets for older movies from the 70s-90s? Especially newer movies in that period like Maine Pyar Kiya, KKHH, DDLJ, etc. I blog about old and new movies and would love to use some of your widgets for the older ones as well.

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